Migration & Other Nomadic Notions

Life has tossed me through a loop again and right now I am currently stuck in Purgatory. While I've been here, I've decided that it was time to reinvent myself. Art school put me through a terrible creative block because it was always "don't do this, don't do that, illustration sucks" etc. Now that I'm out of school and moved out from a very negative household, my ideas and ways of seeing have been changing and I even revisited the person I was prior to the whole messy situation. I was in Austin for the past three and a half years and the just within the past year and a half I got involved with some negative vibes that basically made me filter everything I did or said. It drained me, broke me down, and made me turn into this bitter person I had never seen before. I lost all motivation and dreams that I had. I turned off my happiness for the sake of others and it killed me. A couple of months have passed and I have been rebuilding myself again. I'm feeling better, I've been producing more work and ideas. I've been making new friends and connections that I wouldn't have had before. My happiness has not fully returned but each day that goes by has been better and better. Finally taking care of myself again and finding confidence with each step I take. Hopefully by the end of all this, I will be back in Austin. I give myself at most two years because as much as I love my hometown, I have become a big city gal.

With all that said, hello and welcome to my new site! Decided to migrate from one web host to another so we'll see how all this goes. Hopefully will be producing some good stuff this year!